O.H.T.C.] [ U.O.E.H.

Occupational Health Training Center 

Iseigaoka 1-1, Yahatanishi-ku, KITAKYUSHU,807-8555,JAPAN
Phone +81-93-603-1611

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ICOH Committee Occupational Health for Health Care Workers Newletter 6 12/2004(PDF, 134KB)

The 6th ICOH International Conference on
Ocuupational Health for Health Care Workers
Oct.8-Oct.10 2004

Our primary mission is to train practitioners in occupational health

Organization of OHTC

Outline of the OHTC's activities

Practical Training Program

Health Care Service

Health Improvement Program

Information service on Occupational Health

Training courses for the members of the Japan Medical Association(JMA)